Tiny Tuxedo Cat Oreo Looks For a New Mother

Three tiny kittens were found all alone with no mother in sight and since there are too young to go to a regular shelter they have been taken in at a rescue home full of all sorts of animals. They will stay here until they are old enough to move on.

In this pile of kittens is a black Tuxedo that has been named Oreo, he’s the smallest of the bunch but he has a pretty big voice – especially when he’s hungry for dinner! And he needs to be fed about six times a day.

We see him on the lookout for a new mom after his bigger brothers had been moved on, he comes across all sorts of strange creatures that don’t really fit his requirements but then there’s a new arrival, the very thing he’s been looking for. And there’s a lovely surprise at the end.
These videos made for Animal Planet are always a delight to watch.

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