Twerk the Kitten May Have Special Needs, But it Hasn’t Stopped Her Getting Adopted

A kitten that became famous on the internet for her dance moves has been adopted. The Humane Animal Rescue says the 4-month-old kitten, named Twerk, was brought to them at the East End shelter because her owner was moving.

The striped feline walked around her area at the shelter with her tail-end bouncing because of a brain disorder which causes her body to uncontrollably shake.

Over at Humane Animal Rescue, they get thousands of cats and every now and then they get one with special needs.

“Twerk is a special needs cat. She has a condition that is very similar to what you may see in humans called cerebral palsy where something happened during the development process to her brain,” a spokesman from the shelter explained.

The good news is that Twerk’s condition will not get any worse and she’s expected to live a full life.

Watch the video:

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