Two Cats with Six Legs Get the Best Gift Ever – A Forever Home Together

Hope for Paws rescue abandoned and homeless animals off the streets of Los Angeles and assist with complex animal rescues around the country.

One day they got an email about an injured cat that was spotted in a park. So JoAnne and her friend Dominique set out early the next morning on a rescue mission.

They met up with the man that had previously contacted them and he explained that he had first seen the cat there about three months ago.

He had noticed that the cat tabby cat started limping and would shy away from any human that approached him, this poor kitty was obviously in some distress.


They soon spotted him asleep in the corner of the park and decided the best course of action would be to sneak up on him with a net as he had previously refused to enter a humane trap.

But he spotted JoAnne and tried to make his escape, the chase was on. Luckily she was quick and managed to trap him. They put a blanket over the kitty to calm him down and then got him safely into the cage.


They named him Bert and back at the clinic discovered that one of his back legs was badly deformed due to an old chronic injury. There was nothing that the vet could do to save his leg and sadly it had to be amputated.

During his recovery, Bert met another kitty named Prius and the two of them became firm friends. She had also had a leg amputated due to a previous injury, so these kitties already had something in common.


After a long recovery period these three-legged kitties were healthy, happy and ready to be adopted. That was when they found the perfect home that was willing to adopt both of them together.

Watch the video:

What a beautiful sight to see how happy these two best friends are now, they couldn’t be in a better place with a loving human that looks after all their needs.

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