We Found This Stray Cat – Wait Till You Discover His Amazing Secret!

A woman, who is a self confessed dog lover, was out for a walk one day when she came across a kitty all alone, she explains: “This cat walked up to us out of the blue, we took it in to find its home. Unfortunately it wasn’t chipped and the local lost/found pets turned up nothing, so we’re trying to find its new forever home. But this cat has a crazy secret that you’d never guess that a cat would have!”

UPDATE! This lovely kitty is now named MAX,  and was adopted about a month after he was found. “The couple sent us pictures of lots of love and cuddles and told us that Max waits by the door for them to come back from work. He is is great hands, and we’re glad that we could provide him with a loving home!” I do love a story with a happy ending!

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