Welcome To Cat Beach Sanctuary!

Kitten Lady aka Hannah Shaw is in Malaysia, so while she was on Penang she had to stop by and see what was going on at Cat Beach Sanctuary. It’s the only public shelter on the island that accepts cats and under age kittens. Throughout Malaysia there are so many cats living outdoors on the streets and luckily the culture there is very positive towards cats. Most of them are fed but there are many kittens being born outside all the time who of course need care and attention.

At Cat Beach they take in a lot of pregnant cats so there are plenty of surrogate moms to look after and feed the abandoned and orphaned kittens. Unfortunately in this country they don’t spay and neuter until the kittens are at least six months old which of course is later than when they can get pregnant, that creates a big challenge in terms of adoption. At this shelter they have a goal to try and sterilize all the cats but of course that takes funding and with the lack of veterinary support on the island this is an enormous task. So if you are ever on holiday in Malaysia why not visit Penang and see all the cats being cared for at Cat Beach Sanctuary, you can even leave a donation!

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