Woman Surprised After She Found Out Her Man Was Building A Bed For Their Cat, Not For Them

Meet Ollie, he was recently adopted by the Carlson family and quickly became a fixture in the household. He’s loving, cuddly, cute, and best of all gets along well with the children despite all the poking and screaming.

Chris had always told his wife Julia that getting a pet was too much of a commitment but recently surprised her by bringing Ollie home after he said he was going grocery shopping.

This lovely couple had recently bought themselves a California king size mattress but still hadn’t found a frame for it so it was just sitting on the floor. Chris is a bit of a hobbyist and had been promising to make a frame for it, it would also save a few bucks over getting a shop bought model.

“Husband said he was going to make a bed frame, I thought it was for our new mattress…it was for the cat!” exclaimed Julia. And indeed, when she saw it she began snort-laughing hysterically at the itty bitty bed frame, complete with itty bitty mattress and itty bitty bedside table.

What a dedicated cat man!

Click here to meet a really cute kitty patiently waiting for his bed to be cleaned!

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