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Amazing Cat Nurses Sick Animals at Polish Animal Shelter

Radamenes, a little black cat from Poland, was at death’s door with a serious upper respiratory infection when he was taken to a local animal shelter. It was thought that the best course of action would be to put Radamenes down but when the vet heard that he was purring she decided instead to treat him and he was soon on the road to recovery.
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Meet Higgs – Backpack Cat!

Five month old kitten Higgs lives in Glasgow, Scotland with his owners Christian Witte, 30, and Kimia Mohammadi, 25.  He loves them so much and cannot bear to be parted from them so when they decided to go on a walking holiday in the Highlands little Higgs went with them. They went for a picnic one […]

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Billy and Fraser

I’ve seen stories before of cats giving comfort to people who are ill or even dying, but this might actually be an even greater story of how the love and compassion of a cat turned a life around. Fraser Booth is a 6 year old boy whose autism made everyday events and social interaction almost […]

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