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Dear Kitten: The Vertical Carpet

Another great instalment in the ongoing education of “Kitten”.
“Cat” has some great advice for “Kitten” on what to do with the vertical carpet that arrived in their home. Could it be a trap that the humans have set for us? No, they actually want you to scratch this!

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Dear Kitten: Impersona-Cat

I can’t get enough of these great Friskies TV ads about teaching the ways of a cat to a young kitten, so here’s another instalment in ever continuing education of “kitten” !
Hear what Cat has to say to kitten about the strange cats that live on the other side of the window…

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Dear Kitten: Beginnings

Dear Kitten…there are many things that I can tell you about my childhood that will help you on your way in this world….
Another great instalment in ever continuing education of “kitten” !

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Dear Kitten: Regarding The Big Game

Cat and Kitten are back again!
In this charming commercial we big kitty explaining to little kitten what it is that us crazy humans are doing when Super Bowl Sunday comes around.
This is another great chapter in the ongoing education of a young kitty!

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Dear Kitten

 Dear Kitten is a cute Friskies ad, about an adult cat welcoming a new kitten to his home. We see him talking to the adorable little kitten all about life with the humans. This video went mega viral clocking up over 5,450,000 on YouTube in only four days so I really think it’s worth a look. I’m sure you’ll love it! […]

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