Meet China, The Kleptomaniac Cat That Brings ‘Gifts’ To Her Owners

Posted in Cat Stories - On: September 13, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: November 21, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

It has always been said that cats have a penchant for mischief and this would include stealing!

Let me introduce you to the world of China - a cat with an unusual and endearing habit.

china 10

By all accounts this curious feline possesses an eclectic taste in what she claims as her own.

Her collection ranges from the mundane, such as light bulbs and tea bags, to the more bizarre items like fireworks and, believe it or not, a pack of cigarettes complete with a lighter!

china 3

And China isn't just haphazard in her acquisitions. If she's ever taken a fancy to one glove, rest assured, it's pair won't be far behind. 

One might almost believe she has a sense of fashion!

china 4

Despite these peculiar habits, in many ways, China is your quintessential cat.

She loves to be stroked and gives off a purr that can melt any heart, so she spends her days much like any other feline.

china 1

She lovingly kneads her paws in what cat lovers term as "making biscuits", and she adores cuddling up with her feline siblings, Waffles and Squeeki.

china 12

Yet, beneath this charming veneer lurks a surprisingly unique hobby.

Monica, China's human companion, first caught wind of her cat's kleptomaniac tendencies when an assortment of unfamiliar items began making appearances around her home.

china 5

Baffled by the sudden influx of water bottles, rags, and even builder's paper, Monica resorted to installing a camera.

The recorded footage unveiled the truth in all its adorable glory.

china 11

China was the neighborhood's charming burglar, scouting her surroundings and procuring whatever her heart, or rather paws, desired.

And when she'd succeed in her little quests, she'd beckon Monica with the sweetest chirps, her own “victory song”, before presenting her treasures as gifts.

china 6

Though these tokens of affection left Monica a tad embarrassed, who could resist such feline charm?

“She has such a strong personality and when she wants something, she’ll do just about anything to get it!“

china 13

China's treasures weren't just limited to inanimate objects. Occasionally, she'd surprise Monica with a mouse.

And of late, she seems to have developed an affinity for wood, leading to a staggering collection of over 500 wood pieces at Monica's place.

china 14

Given the vast array of items, Monica initially took it upon herself to return them.

Bundling up China's findings, she'd leave them at her neighbors' doors, accompanied by an explanatory note.

china 2

Monica began to share her furry friend’s escapades on TikTok where they now have a staggering 2.5 million likes and over 82,000 followers.

It's obvious that many are delighted with China's shenanigans.

china 7

However, Monica needed a more sustainable solution so she had a heart-to-heart with the neighbors.  

A 'return box' was installed, where Monica would leave all the items that fell prey to China's playful thefts. 

china 8

Grateful for her understanding neighbors who share her love for animals, Monica remarks, “We got lucky.”

china 9

And so, in the heart of this neighborhood, China continues her delightful exploits, a testament to the unexpected joys that cats can bring into our lives.

Check out China's exploits in the video below:

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