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Picky Kitten Refuses To Give Up His Bottle

Foster mom Rachael has taken four kittens into her care that were rescued from a hoarding situation.

They were estimated to be about three weeks old and so needed to be bottle fed.



All was going well but when it was time to move on to wet food there was one little kitten that completely refused.

His name is Earl, he has a healthy appetite but he just wanted to stay on the bottle!


She tried mixing some of the wet food with the formula into the bottle to get him used to the taste, but he was a clever kitten and he wasn’t having any of it!

Being a very vocal kitty, it would seem that Earl was protesting about changing from bottle to bowl, but did it in a most endearing way.


He was also quite feisty and would think up different ways to escape from the kitten playpen.

This mainly involved using his head as a battering ram and whatever strength he had in his young body to push away the side of the pen.


Of course Rachael eventually got him onto the wet food – he wouldn’t grow up to be a big boy otherwise!

Watch the video to see Earl and his siblings in action:

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