15 Stories Of Owners Finding Missing Cats Years After They Disappeared

Posted in Cat Pictures - On: August 3, 2022 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Pictures 
Last Updated: August 3, 2022  
Author:  Jan Travell

The day you discover your cat is missing is something that none of us want to go through, I am thankful that it’s never happened to me but I really feel for the people that have had missing cats.

There is a national study in the USA that explains only 74% of missing cats were reunited with their owners and of that percentage, 95% of them returned home of their own accord. As you can imagine with these sort of figures, that makes the search for a missing cat extremely complicated.

So you realize that after all the years that have gone by, there’s barely any glimmer of hope left to ever hold your beloved furry friend again, and when it happens you experience something that’s best described as a miracle.

That’s why this list compiled by Bored Panda of missing cats being reunited with their owners is so heartwarming, it gives us faith in the world around us.

But without a doubt it’s lovely to see so many happy endings even though some of them have had to wait a long time for it to happen.

Scroll down and be amazed by some of these truly heart warming reunions.

1. My Cat Went Missing A Year Ago. Me And My Wife Found Him While On A Bike Ride. He Came Running Right To Us Crying And Now My Whole Entire Year Has Been Made!


“It really is the greatest feeling finding a pet that has gone missing. To be honest me and my wife came to the conclusion that he passed after a couple months of being missing. What a relief now!”

2. Elderly Cat Finds Its Way Home After 13 Years


Her heartbroken owner, Janet Adamowicz, searched high and low for a year before finally giving up. But then, 13 years later, she got a call out of the blue from a vet 40 miles away.

“I thought it was weird, but I couldn’t believe it when I got to the vets and they had her there and she still remembered me”

“I don’t know where she had been, I think possibly a stray but kept being fed by strangers or catching her own food”

3. Cat Jumps Straight Into His Owner’s Arms After Being Lost For 536 Days


4. Lost My Cat One Year Ago, Got A Call Yesterday From The Animal Shelter Saying They Have My Kitty. Microchips Work


“Update! Syd is adjusting beautifully. He’s back to purring and making muffins on my arm. Things couldn’t be better!”

5. My Friend Just Went To Pet Cats At Our Local Animal Shelter, And Found Her Cat That Had Been Missing For Over A Year


6. After A Year Of Being Missing My Cat Ozzy Just Walked Up To Me


“I was walking my Chorki (Chihuahua Yorki mix) when Ozzy walked over and mewed at me. Ozzy was the only cat that would respond to his name by running to me. So I called it to see if it was him. It was.”

7. Missing One-Eyed Cat Reunited With Family After 11 Years


“She is even responding to her original name”

8. Four Years Ago My Beloved Cat Moose Went Missing. Yesterday, A Kind Family Who Had Been Feeding Him Recently Finally Took Him To Check For A Microchip


9. 11 Years Ago My Cat Went Missing And Today He Returned!


“I’m so pumped to see this guy again. T-Shirt, named after the character from the T-Bag tv series, apparently has been living around an apartment block being fed by the lovely people that live there. One of the residents brought him in after he was injured and wanted to get him fixed and look after him. As much as I wanted T shirt back, the guy and the cat have been together for so long so I agreed with his request to let him own the cat… with visits allowed lol. If you find a cat, get a vet to scan the chip!”

10. Cat Lost In Martin County During 2004 Hurricane Reunites With Owner After 14 Years


11. My Cat That’s Been Missing For 1.5 Years Has Been Found! Welcome Home Princess


“Princess was mostly an indoor cat. I let her outside a little more each day then one day she disappeared. I’m assuming she got catnapped because she was found today one hour drive from where she was taken. A vet scanned her microchip and called my cell. A nice lady that only had her for 10 days took her to the vet and got her all cleaned up and free of fleas. I got the lady’s number and she let me have my pet back with no issues.

I am so fortunate she is in good condition and that my boyfriend was able to drive one hour each way go pick her up today.”

12. This Cat Was Returned Home After Being Gone For 18 Months. Look How Happy He Is About It!


13. Reunited With Missing Cat After 7 Years


14. After 8 Years On The Road My Cat Finally Returned Home!


“8 years ago my cat ran away from home, yesterday we were called by animal control that they picked up a red cat and read his chip, and it turned out to be my long lost friend!”

15. 17-Year-Old Cat Is Home After 10-Year Absence


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