18 Cats That Would REALLY Like to Come Back Inside

If you have an indoor/outdoor cat then you can probably relate to some of these hilarious pictures, these poor kitties are really desperate to get back in the house……..come on now guys, have a heart and let them in !

1. Come on now, you know I’m here…..

inside 1

2. Hurry up! I need to use the toilet!

inside 2

3. If you don’t let me in I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow this house down!

inside 3

4. Can you see me now?

inside 4

5. Open the door, I’m freezing my butt of here!

inside 5

6. This is getting beyond a joke!

inside 6

7. You could have left the window open just a little bit wider….

inside 7

8. You took your time, I’ve been waiting here ALL day!

inside 8

9. Ok! That’s enough, you asked for it

inside 9

10. It’s cold, I’m wet, and it’s really not funny anymore

inside 10

11. Please let me in, I’m really sorry and I don’t like it out here…..

inside 11

12. I’ve knocked very politely so can you please let me in….

inside 12

13. Could you open the door I’ve brought you a present

inside 13

14. LET ME IN !!

inside 15

15. Me and my friends would really like to come in now

inside 15

16. Spidercat wants in NOW!

inside 16

17. You’ve locked my private door again haven’t you

inside 17

18. And finally…..Open this door immediately, there’s a large bird and I’m very scared

inside 18

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