19 Cat Lovers Who Know How to Get Along With Their Pets Perfectly

Posted in Cat Pictures - Last Updated: August 6, 2022 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Pictures 
Last Updated: August 6, 2022  
Author:  Jan Travell

All true cat lovers know the right way to treat their kitty. Often this involves a bit of spoiling, but hey, we love them and they’re worth it.

They also know how to act around the kitties, meaning they know what to do to avoid being scratched or bitten, or how to arrange a fragile vase of flowers without the worry of their kitties knocking it over.

They also know that cats need plenty of things to do when left alone in the house and spend a lot of the time making sure that they live up to their role of being a cats best friend.

Our cats are very aware of this, because of course they know that it’s them that actually runs the show and all those tricks we do to keep them happy are really by their design.

Scroll down to see how far some cat loving humans will go to keep the kitty happy because after all, having a happy cat is the most important thing.

1.  “My wife just wanted to do her puzzle without being bitten.”


2. “My left hand is on the steering wheel and my right hand is on my kitty.”


3. When you like freshly cut flowers, but don’t want them to end up on the floor.


4. “I need 2 hands to eat. My Smokey was okay with working as a phone holder for a while… He sat like this for about 10 minutes.”


5. “My cat is obsessed with these cheap springs. But they come with sharp ends that need to be trimmed off with nail clippers.”


6. “I took my cat to the park for leash training. Yesterday was the first time he climbed a tree.”


7. This is a dummy keyboard. My cat thinks he’s a boss, and everyone is happy.


8. One laptop is also not enough when you seriously need to do some work.


9. And if you can’t get the cat off the couch, you can create a photo masterpiece in Michelangelo’s style and feel like God


10. “My girlfriend’s cat has decided he’s obsessed with me and now, we wake up like this every morning.”


11. “When I’m going away for a few days, I sing to my cat through messenger. She started falling asleep in front of the camera waiting to hear my voice. So cute.”


12. “I got a backpack so my cat can sunbathe. Today, she doesn’t want to be on a leash.”


13. “My cat likes it when we help him stretch. And he started sticking out his tongue when we do it for him.”


14. “I took this hippo home together with my kitten. The animal shelter said that they would only leave together.”


15. If there is a cat at home, you can’t sit on the pillow without looking inside the cover first.


16. “My friend got her old cat a kitten.”


17. “I made my kitten a sweater so he wouldn’t get chilly with the A/C on. It seems that now, he feels pretty macho.”


18. “My cat’s new living room is cozier than my own.”


19. Last week, all cats were “stupid” and now, “our kitty-witty likes to be held on the right shoulder and not the left one.”


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