22 Hilarious Photos of Cat Beds and Cat Logic

We know that cats like to sleep any time, any place, in any position, but did you realise that they spend on average 16 hours a day in sleep mode?

We’ve seen them before sleeping in wine glasses, shoes, flowerpots, tissue boxes, sinks, on laundry racks and in trees, many different trees. (click here to see)

So I think it’s only fair to say that cats will sleep anywhere except in their super stylish, super comfy cat beds. It’s probably best to think about this before you take the plunge and waste your money. If your kitties are like mine, well, they prefer a box or a freshly cleaned pile of black clothes!

And as for cat logic, that is something that will always be a mystery to us humans. So take a look at this hilarious collection of cat pictures compiled by Bored Panda, and you’ll see that cats will sleep anywhere other than where we want them too!

1. Our cat was tired and jumped into my daughter’s dollhouse and actually used the bed!


2. Mom, he’s in my bed


3. My cat’s kittens have found a new cosy bed… In a cupholder


4. We got him a new bed, but then a paper towel fell on the floor, so never mind


5. Get the cat to bed they said…


6. My cat has three beds


7. I think someone’s got the wrong bed


8. I planted out grass for the cat to snack on, she decided it makes a good bed 


9. I spent 10 minutes looking for my cat before I went to bed, found him asleep in a walk on top of the freezer


10. I think I wasted money on the cat tree


11. Four beds for three cats and they do this…


12. My BF spent three months making an outdoor heated cat house for my kitty, he hasn’t stepped into it once


13. My cat has been sleeping on my clothes on the bottom shelf of our closet, so I asked my wife to move the clothes and put a cat bed in there – this is the cats response!


14. My cat has never quite figured out how his bed is supposed to work


15. We have five beds and 10 chairs in our house, the cat sits on the eggs


16. Cat logic is beyond reality


17. Bought our kitten a new £40 bed and walked in to find him asleep like this


18. Cat logic


19. Money not well spent


20. Got them a bed and 10 different blankets, they won’t sleep anywhere else then on my laptop bag


21. My girlfriend bought a pot to bed because she felt ill. The next morning we woke up to this…


22. He has access to 7 cat beds but he prefers hanging on the back of the chair. Why is this?


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