15 Cute Cats That Have Been to the Vets and Their Expressions Say it All

Posted in Cat Pictures - On: May 8, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Pictures 
Last Updated: May 8, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

It’s always a pretty horrifying experience when someone in the family has to go to the doctors, or the dentist for that matter, so I’m sure you can imagine how our kitties feel when it’s time for that trip to the vets.

I remember the last time I took one of my cats, she knew exactly what was happening and protested loudly all the way there, but at least afterwards when the treatment started to work she realized that it had done her some good.

Not so with the felines in this funny collection of photos compiled by Bored Panda, you can see that a lot of them are still coming down from their medication and have some crazy expressions on their faces, while others have already hit the “I will never forgive you” stage.

I hope that like my kitty they will soon forgive their humans for putting them through the experience, as long as they don’t see the embarrassing photos that have been taken when they were not at their best!

1. This is Albert and he’s not having the best day


2. My mom’s cat was prescribed valium. Now I get daily pictures of a cat who is high out of his mind!


3. Took Porkchop to the vet today. This is the before and after pics. This was the look I got all the way home.


4. Our vet couldn’t resist taking a picture of Stanley after his surgery! (He is healthy and okay now!)


5. When my cat woke up from his anasthesia


6. My friend left her cat at the vets overnight…


7. Tripping balls after surgery!


8. Our Cheddar was drugged up at the vets the other day


9. My cat, Bagheera, after he was fixed. He was so stoned he was rubbing his face on the cat carrier cage the whole way back. Here he is, still tripping balls after getting home


10. Aztec the jungle cat feeling sleepy after his trip to the vets


11. Just got back from the vets


12. Here’s my cat Bonaparte, high on his meds coming back from the vets


13. bought him home from major surgery yesterday, needless to say, he hasn’t recovered yet!


14. My cat was shaved for surgery and has been staring at me like this ever since


15. Kitty just woke up from anesthesia


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