Stray Cat Shows Up at House and Falls in Love with the Kittens Inside

Posted in Cat Stories - On: August 11, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: August 11, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

Little did this stray cat know that while roaming the neighbourhood for food, he had found the right house.

Meet Buddy!


Danielle Chavez is the founder of With Grace, a kitten rescue in Las Vegas, and she spends her time fostering many rescues at home.

Then one day a lonely Tuxedo cat, whom she nicknamed Buddy, started showing up in her backyard.

He was watching the kittens inside her home as if he was longing to have some playmates of his own.


Danielle had no idea where Buddy had come from but he was paying regular visits to her home.

She first thought that he was just a cat from the neighborhood but she asked around and nobody knew anything about him.


She was able to safely trap Buddy and take him to the vet.

No microchip was found so he was then neutered, vetted and Danielle would take him back to the local cat colony to be cared for.

Although it was painful for her to release such a friendly cat, Danielle had no choice as she already had a full house with kittens in every room, but she promised him that when she could, she would take him in and find his forever home.


But he kept the routine that he had settled into for quite some time and continued to visit Danielle’s home, and she continued to put food out in her backyard for him every day.

As soon as a spot opened up, Danielle kept her promise, it was time to bring Buddy inside.

He wouldn’t walk in of his own accord but was easily lured into a human trap that Danielle had set up and after all this time he went inside the house.


Watch his journey:

He could finally play with the kittens that he used to watch through the window.

In her quest to find Buddy a forever home, Daniel started receiving adoption applications for him and before long she came across a couple who were still in morning after recently losing their own cat.


From being a stray cat that would stare at the other kitties through the window, Buddy is now in a loving home with his new-found parents.

He finally got his happy ending with a great forever family.


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