20 Cheeky Cats Disrespecting People’s Personal Space

Posted in Cat Pictures - On: May 21, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Pictures 
Last Updated: May 21, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

Cats have a reputation when it comes to protecting their personal space and there’s not a thing we can do about it.

“Cats definitely value their own personal space,”  explains Natalie Cady Bishop of Cat Behavior Solved.

“If it is ‘invaded’ they may even resort to swatting or biting you! They prefer interactions to be on their terms.”

So when it’s time for them to respect the private space of others, you would think they would have at least a small amount of understanding, but no, they just don’t care.

From staring at you in the bath to sitting in your underpants, these pictures prove that when your cats crave your attention, they have no qualms about invading your personal space to get it !

1. My Cat Got In The Way While I Was Washing My Face Before Bed And I Got The Best Picture Of Her I’ve Ever Taken


2. The First Day I Got My Kitten, I Took A Bath, She Somehow Managed To Hop The Tub And Take A Snooze On My Shoulder – And She Still does It Now!


3. Every Time I Shower He Thinks I’m Suffering And Tries To Rescue Me


4. 12 Years Together And He Still Fears For My Life Every Time I Take A Bath


5. My Alien Crew Receiving A Transmission From The Mothership


6. My GF Sent Me This While I Was On The Toilet


7. I’m Not Allowed To Have Alone Time


8. Human, What Are You Doing In That Bathroom?


9. My Cat Likes To Hunt Me When I Go To The Bathroom


10. My Cat Always Sits Like This When I’m In The Shower


11. My Cats Reaction When I Come Out Of The Shower


12. Laser Cat


13. You’re Never Alone


14. I’m Extremely Blessed To Have My Own Tiny Lifeguard. Except, Instead Of Using A Whistle Or Attempting To Save Me. He Screams At Me In Terror The Entire Time


15. This Is My Cat, Who Likes To Poke You When You’re In The Bath


16. Neighbour’s Cat Looking Through My Bathroom Window


17. The Abyss Staring Back


18. I Now Know I’m Not The Only One. He Goes From The Toilet To The Sink, Climbs On My Shoulders, And Perches On My Head


19. My Parents’ Cat Destroyed The Bathroom’s Door Vents So He Could Spy While We Pee


20. I’ll Just Chill Here


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