Sneaky Kitty Pretends to be a Stray to Get Free Food from Shoppers

Posted in Cat Stories - On: July 3, 2024 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: July 3, 2024  
Author:  Jan Travell

Minnie is a 4 year-old tabby that has been tricking the people in her area for over a year, she regularly hangs out in front of her local supermarket in Netherfield, UK.

She actually has a good home with a loving human that gives her plenty of food and treats!


Millie’s home is about one minutes walk from the supermarket and when Minnie started hanging out there her human tried to stop her.

Every time she managed to get out of the house her human, Andrea, went to the store to bring her home.


She’s tried everything to try and keep Minnie inside but she’s a determined kitty and has even injured herself by jumping out of the window.

After that happened Andrea gave up trying to stop her, it was clear that Minnie was going to get what she wanted. 

But Minnie doesn’t visit the supermarket just to be fed – she simply loves all the attention.

minnie 6

The store supervisor said that loads of people only visit the store to see Minnie and the staff love her too, they’ve even made her a little cat bed and put up a sign to stop people from over feeding her.


Regardless of the sign, the local people are still feeding Minnie, and they’ve even upgraded her outdoor digs recently!


You could say that Minnie is now a local celebrity as most of the people in this area know who she is.

What a star!

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