Four Spicy Rescue Kittens Become Love Bugs Thanks to Their Foster Mom

Posted in Cat Stories - On: November 6, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: January 8, 2024  
Author:  Jan Travell

When four adorable kittens arrived at the UC Davis Veterinary Hospital ER, they were all snuggled up together with their little hearts racing.

These precious furballs had been living outdoors, all on their own without a mother to care for them.

boo 5

At just five weeks old, they were understandably a bit wary of people, hissing and spitting to keep us at bay, and desperately seeking hiding spots.

Luckily, the Yolo County SPCA stepped in to help.

boo 6

Their amazing foster volunteer, Angela, came to the rescue, picking up these scared kitties and providing them with a safe and cozy home.

She created a peaceful and soothing environment for the frightened kittens, giving them the time they needed to relax and settle in.

boo 12

When they first emerged from their carrier, they looked like tiny balls of fur with their hair standing on end and ears flattened against their heads.

They found comfort in huddling together in a box, all while keeping a close eye on their foster mom with wide, saucer-like eyes.

boo 7

Whenever Angela tried to get a bit closer, they would give her a wave of hisses as a warning signal.

"They probably haven't been around people much," Angela shared. "They'd hide behind the litter box and hiss if anyone got too close or tried to pet them."

boo 10

As their anxiety began to melt away, Angela decided to tempt them with a special treat – cat treats!

Pumpkin, one of the tabby kittens, reluctantly took a bite but couldn't resist having more.

As she savored the delicious morsels, her eyes filled with happiness, and her fear started to vanish.

boo 13

The other kittens, Boo, Spice, and Casper, gradually summoned the courage to try the treats too.

"The kittens quickly realized that humans were not so bad after all," Angela explained. 

boo 2

"They went from hissing at me to meowing whenever I entered the room. They would start purring as soon as I pet them."

boo 14

Casper and Boo became the boldest of the bunch, and with their newfound confidence, Spice and Pumpkin felt encouraged to seek affection, explore their surroundings, and play with new toys.

Their adventurous side emerged as they embraced the cozy indoor life.

boo 3

"It took Spice the longest to warm up to me," Angela noted.

"She hissed and spat the most at first, but with playtime and food, she slowly started coming out of her shell."

boo 8

"It felt like such an accomplishment when Spice started purring for the first time. She's been the sweetest kitten ever since."

boo 11

In less than two weeks, this quartet of kittens transformed into a joyful, affectionate bunch.

Now they eagerly seek attention and treats, frolicking around their playpen without a care in the world.

boo 9

Boo, in particular, became the master "biscuit-maker" of the group.

Her tiny paws would rhythmically knead, and she would purr contentedly with her eyes half-closed, turning the blanket and anyone nearby into a state of pure bliss.

boo 1

These once-fearful kittens have now blossomed into a delightful group radiating affection, confidence, and happiness.

They greet their foster mom with headbutts of adoration and turn their room into a purring paradise.

boo 15

"When I pet one kitten, the others will come meowing and asking for pets too," Angela happily shared.

These siblings have come such a long way since the day they were rescued.

boo 4

Once-fearful kittens turned into cuddly, playful bundles of joy. Soon they will be ready for adoption, to enrich someone’s life with happiness.

Check out the video below:

UPDATE: All of the kittens have had their spay/neuter surgeries and are ready to be put up for adoption.

If you are interested in adopting you can contact either Angela @fosteringlove or Yolo SPCA

A big thank you to Angela for sharing their story with us. I'm sure they'll find their forever homes very soon.

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