Unwanted Cat Clutched onto Woman and Wouldn’t Let Go

Posted in Cat Stories - On: June 24, 2024 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: June 24, 2024  
Author:  Jan Travell

When Jessica Parken and her fiancé Andy Brumagen visited a rescue center to say hello to the cats that were housed there, they were immediately drawn to a large tabby cat that was sitting in a kitty condo.

When Jessica and Andy approached him the kitty was very friendly towards them, so much so that when Jessica tried to put him down he didn’t want to let go.


This friendly kitty hugged and snuggled into her as if to say: “Please take me with you, I don’t want to be left here. I want someone to love me.”


The young couple affectionately named the cat Clutch, but however they were forced to leave him behind.


Jessica and Andy already had a senior cat at home and they knew that arriving home with another cat would have been too much for him.

clutch 2

Also, the shelter staff said that Clutch was not good with other animals or children, so he wouldn’t feel comfortable with their cat and a toddler.

clutch 1

But luckily for Clutch, this story has a happy ending.


Jessica decided to post a video of her holding the tabby cat to a local Facebook group, in the hope that it would help Clutch find a loving home.

And she was right!

The shelter was flooded with people coming in and calling and before long there was a stack of applications of people wanting to adopt him.


Jessica says: “This magical beast has found a home! The adoption sign is down!”

Maybe Clutch sensed that Jessica was the kind of person who wouldn’t let him down, so he took a chance.

clutch 3

If that was the case, Clutch has a very good sense for humans – he picked just the right one to ask for help.

Nicely done Jessica!

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