Hero Cat Helps Open Door For Woman Who Got Locked Out of House

Gabby is a model from Austin, Texas with a very intelligent friend named Boko. She rescued Boko when she found him under a bench at her university. She soon fell in love with this kitty and decided to officially adopt him. Since that moment he and Gabby have been completely inseparable.

Recently Gabby came back from walking her sister to school only to find she had forgotten her house keys and was locked outside. She was hoping the sliding back door may have been left unlocked but when she got there it was secured with a wooden rod. However Boko saw this as an opportunity to be a hero. He decided that if he ever wanted to cuddle with his beloved human again he would have to help her find a way back into the house. And that’s exactly what he did by moving the wooden rod. Boko and his beloved Gabby were together once again.

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