Stray Kitten Won’t Let Traveling Couple Leave Her Behind

An international couple that live in their camper van full time came upon a stray cat one day when they were parked up.

As soon as they arrive somewhere they immediately open up the doors to the van and this kitty decided to jump inside and say hello.

The couple were instantly captivated by this curious cat and named her Millie. This loving kitty wanted to hang out with them, she was so sweet with them and just wanted some love and attention.

She would follow them when they went hiking and showed herself to be a very intelligent cat. It was obvious that all three of them had made a connection.

Watch the video:

When it was time for the couple to move on they thought the best thing to do was to leave Millie in the place that she was familiar with and where she knew how to be safe.

When they reached the border they realized that they had over thought the situation, Millie was in their hearts and they should never have left her behind. So they turned back and made the five hour journey to where they had left Millie.

And sure enough when they arrived Millie approached them and jumped right back into the van. They knew they had done the right thing, after all, it was Millie that chose them!

Millie has adjusted well to life on the road and now the three of them have fabulous adventures together.

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