This Maine Coon Becomes Deaf Sailor’s ‘Ears’ To Help Navigate The Seas

Skatty is a very special cat. He’s a polydactyl Maine Coon which means he has extra toes on his feet. Skatty loves to go sailing with his human, Paul, and they regularly set sail on their boat La Chica. Even though Paul is deaf, he doesn’t let it get in the way of his love for sailing.

Paul adopted Skatty when he was 2 months old and before long the two of them were off sailing together on La Chica. The pair communicate perfectly and Paul has learned to read Skatty’s body language as he gives him visual clues to help navigate the sea.

This delightful kitty has a variety of important tasks on board, one of them is to warn Paul of other boats approaching. If Paul receives a text message, Skatty puts his paw on the phone. If someone is at the door he will warn Paul by putting a paw on his leg.

The two of them have an incredible bond and are inseparable. What an amazing life they lead together.

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