Watch This Micro-Mini Kitten Grow Up

Thumbelina the kitten was born micro-mini and she wasn’t growing like her siblings. When her foster mom-to-be first saw her at the shelter she noticed that she was so skinny and her hair was really thin compared to the rest of the litter, she didn’t think she would make it but wanted to give her a chance so she took Thumbelina and her family home.

It was touch and go but after loads of love and attention from her foster mom she was on the road to being a normal kitten. She’s not really into other things that kittens may be into and it takes her a little bit longer to figure things out, but that’s just part of who she is. She’s very determined and is always willing to give things another try. This micro-mini kitten has fought hard to get where she is and now she’s ready for her next adventure as she’s get put up for adoption.

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