When Her Human Was In Danger This Cat Took Things Into Her Own Paws

Most of us will do anything for our pets, we adjust our homes for them, will try and do our best by them and pay expensive vet bills when they get sick.

Some of us would even put our lives on the line for them without expecting the favor to be returned.

Tara the cat loved everyone she met, but she formed a special connection with one member of her family, and it was lucky she did. Because when she sensed her friend was in danger she did what few other pets would or even could do.

Security footage caught her unprecedented bravery on tape. This amazing story shows us that in the face of adversity, our kitties can be brave and the love they have for their humans is second to none.

Tara proved to be mankind’s best friend and saved the day with her loyalty. Way to go Tara!

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