20 Cats Who Defied the Laws of Physics

Posted in Cat Pictures - On: August 24, 2020 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Pictures 
Last Updated: June 9, 2022  
Author:  Jan Travell

Cats are weird, in fact they are the kings and queens of weirdness.

They do the strangest of things with no rhyme or reason as to why.

But did you know that they can defy the laws of physics?

Gravity is nothing to them, they managed to put themselves in the strangest situations and we have no idea how they got there.

Why they are there, or how they continue to stay there?

From bouncing off the walls at 3 am like an astronaut in space to practicing for an audition for the Spider Cat sequel, these are the sightings that cancel gravity, the speed of light, mechanics… you name it.

Scroll down and you will see exactly what we are talking about. I can guarantee that you will never look at your beloved kitty in the same way again.

1. physics-1

2. physics-2

3. physics-3

4. physics-4

5. physics-5

6. physics-6

7. physics-7

8. physics-8

9. physics-9

10. physics-10

11. physics-11

12. physics-12

13. physics-13

14. physics-14

15. physics-15

16. physics-16

17. physics-17

18. physics-18

19. physics-19

20. physics-20

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