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6 Stages Of A Cat Falling In Love With His Baby Sister

Meet Milo. He’s a beautiful and furry and rather unsure about the new arrival in the house. This gave his humans the idea to document their introduction to each other and classify it into six stages and it’s a delight to watch.

Mother Cat Tries to Rescue Her Kitten Out of a Tree

We all know how dedicated a mother is with her children. This statement especially applies to our feline friends as we watch a kitty trying to rescue her kitten. It’s a precarious situation but the mama cat use her instincts and is straight on it.

How to Tell the BREED of Your CAT

Some of the most common questions about cats are people trying to work out the breed of their feline friends. This video will help you to identify your cat’s breed, or at least give you as close an approximation as possible.

Blind and Sick Kitten Cries for Help and People Ignore Her

Stoyan and Dessy are an amazing couple that live in Bulgaria. They spend a lot of time looking out for the stray cats in their neighborhood. One day they spotted a tiny kitten all alone, she was in very bad shape. Both her eyes were closed shut due to an infection and her belly was distended.

Family of Kittens Almost Thrown into the Trash – We Got There Just in Time!

Hope For Paws are a non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing animals in need. One day, a young girl sent them a text telling them about a young mother cat and her kittens that were living in an abandoned old couch near where she lived. This is their story.

Stray Kitten Loses Her Mother in a Road Accident

This video was made by Robin Seplut, a kind man who spends a lot of his time helping out stray kitties. While out and about he comes across a stray kitten all alone, he soon discovers that her mother has been killed in a road accident.

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