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Didga the Cat Dances to Justin Timberlake

Didga the cat lives with Robert Dollwet aka Catmantoo, Boomer the cat and many doggie friends. Robert decided the best way to show off Didga’s amazing talents was to get her to dance along to the Justin Timberlake song “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” What an amazing kitty!

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Meet the Kitty That’s a Master of Jenga

Meet Moe the cat. Moe is not like other cats, he has a very extraordinary talent and if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it.
This adorable kitty is an awesome Jenga player. What a surprise I hear you say, because Moe’s not equipped with opposable thumbs…

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Homeless Cats

Prince Michael is back and in this hilarious sketch he is out for a walk in the park with his girlfriend when they come across a five dollar bill that someone has dropped. Michael eagerly picks it up and his thoughts go to buying himself an ice cream…

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T Rex Kitten Finds The Best Dad Ever

Mercury the kitten was only a few days old when he lost his arms in a terrible accident with a weed whacker. Fortunately, the vet he was taken to knew the perfect people to care for him. A couple that were fostering tiny kittens that needed constant care and bottle feeding took him in knowing that he would fit right in.

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Didga & Boomer – Getting On Down With Their Daddy !!

Didga and Boomer are two very talented kitties. They live with animal trainer Robert aka Catmantoo and they are top of the charts when it comes to performing tricks. Both of them are excellent at skateboarding and they live a life full of fun and adventure in Australia.
Here we see them having lots of fun ‘getting on down’ to the singer PSY…

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