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Little Girl Sings to Her Cat as He Passes Away but Their Special Relationship Lives on

In this touching video we see the moment when one of the sisters, Abby, is singing to Bailey in the final moments of life, a song that she’d been singing to him ever since she learned to talk. It nearly broke my heart and brought back tear jerking memories of when my 20 year old kitty passed. 

135-Pound Mastiff Becomes Obsessed With A Tiny Kitten

Lindsay spotted a tiny black and white kitten sitting under a tree. As soon as she began to approach the tree, the little kitten came scampering up to her. That was it, there was no way she would leave the kitten behind so Lindsay scooped her up and took her home.

Little Girls Have The Most Special Relationship With Cats

Bailey was 14 when he passed over the rainbow bridge. He was very much part of his human family and doted on his sisters as did they with him. In this video we see how special the relationship was between Bailey and the girls, and we meet the newest member of their family, A Cat Named Carrot.

Teeny Kitten Found in the Trash Nurses on Dad’s Hand When He Sleeps

Brant’s son got a call one night from a friend saying that he’d found a tiny, possibly newborn kitten in the trash. It looked as though he’d been abandoned by his mum so they rushed him home as fast as they could.

Hissing Feral Cat Falls In Love With The Guy Who Rescued Him

On the island of Crete there are many thousands of abandoned and stray cats and dogs. Most of them wander the streets, malnourished and in terrible condition. The government and most of the population, do nothing. This is why one man, Takis, has devoted his life to helping animals.

Woman Secretly Filmed Her Cat ‘Home Alone’ and it Broke Her Heart

Like most of us during this pandemic, Ida Myrin has been spending a lot of time with her cat. She realized that Isola was loving the fact that his humans were now at home most of the time. Then Ida had the idea of secretly filming him when he was left alone in the apartment for less than an hour.

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