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Stray Cat Makes Purr-fect Companion for Girl in Wheelchair

One day Chris was out feeding the colony cats he noticed there was a new arrival, a beautiful white cat. He was very hungry and quite friendly, so Chris believed that he must’ve been owned by somebody at some point, possibly abandoned by a family moving away from the apartments nearby.

Couple Fed Stray Cat For a Year and She Disappeared, Then Came Back With a Surprise

Ivie and Jason live together in an apartment complex in Pasadena, California. They often saw a stray cat wandering around near their apartment, so they decided to start leaving food out for her. They named the cat Mary and would always have food for her whenever she showed up. The couple fed her almost every day for about a year and then one day she just disappeared.

Mama Cat Chases Rescuer Away as We Tried to Save Her Whole Family

Hope for Paws rescue abandoned and homeless animals off the streets of Los Angeles. Recently they got a call  from a woman about a homeless kitten that she’d been feeding for days. Jordon was the first to the scene spotted the kitten immediately, he was hiding behind some bushes.

It’s Unreal How Many Kittens Squeezed into a Rock!

While Joanne and Katie were out and about on another rescue, they were stopped by a caring person that explained there was a kitten living in a rock in his back yard. It was lucky that these two rescuers were in the right place at the right time, and they went to investigate. When they got there they were in for a big surprise!

The Tiniest Rescue Kitten Makes The Cutest Little Noises

When little Aoife first came into Shanta’s life, she only weighed 140 grams. From the first moment Shanta saw her it was love at first sight. She was smitten and it was time to take this tiny kitten home. Aoife was orphaned at a very early age, she was also very sick and would need somebody special to look after her.

Cat Abandoned On The Street Won’t Stop Kissing His New Mom On Her Nose

Jaina works at Cats of San Bernardino and one day they got a call about a cat that was spotted hanging out underneath the car in a bad way so she quickly went to the scene to see what could be done. When she got there the cat was in a worse condition than she thought…

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